Do You Offer Radiology Services?

XRAY at Head Office: 10AM to 09:PM
For more information, please call our Customer Service Number 0304 111 2080

Do I Need to Fast?

Not all tests require fasting already. In any case, there are a few tests which will expect you to fast for 8 – 15 hours, for instance cholesterol, lipids, fasting glucose. Fasting ought not surpass 15 hours. We suggest that you fast overnight. You should drink water during this time and take any medicine you would typically take, except if exhorted by your doctor. Your doctor will illuminate you regarding any tests that require fasting or you may contact CLAB DIAGNOSTICS for guidance.

For more information, please call our Customer Service Number 0304 111 2080

Why Does A Black or Blue Blotch Appear At Blood Collected Area? How should it be dealt?

The black or blue blotch appears if the needle pierces the vein through. Some blood leaks into the tissue around the vein. If such a thing happens accidently, you need to ice the site, use the affected arm as little as possible, and take a pain reliever allowed to you.

How Do I Know That My Samples Will Not Be Mixed Up In The Lab?

Our collection staff will confirm your details with you at every visit. This is to ensure we have all the correct information. Each sample is carefully labeled at the time of collection and you will be asked to check these labels.
Please do not hesitate to tell the collector if you see any errors including misspelling of your name. A laboratory number is placed on your request form and samples to ensure they are not mixed up. This number is unique and assists to ensure that the correct tests are performed on each sample.
We have different checks set up all through the testing strategy to guarantee the testing is performed at the most noteworthy conceivable norm.

What Is The Best Time For Blood Collection In Infants?

Blood for analysis in infants should be collected prior to feed, as milky & turbid serum interferes with certain testing.

When & How Should I Collect Urine Sample?

If you wish to collect a urine sample at home, kindly collect a labeled container from our laboratory. You must collect early morning midstream sample for best results. After collection, the sample must be sent within 1- 2 hours to the laboratory.

When Will My Results Be Ready?

Routine test results are generally available within same day collection. However, some testing is more involved and may take longer.

How Soon Can You Send Someone To Collect A Sample?

It depends on the availability of the phlebotomists in your area.

Why CLAB Diagnostics Does Repeats Patient Samples?

We at CLAB Diagnostics believe in quality and accuracy of tests. If our lab staff or doctors are not satisfied with the quality/quantity of the sample or with the results of the tests, then they ask for a sample again to ensure the accuracy of results. We do not charge for the repeated tests and if the patient is not willing to give the sample again then we refund the test money.

Can A Patient Book Home Sampling For GCT & GTT Test?

No. Since both of these tests and time consuming and of a sensitive nature, they are performed at our collection centers or in our head office.

Can I Collect My Reports From Branches?

Yes. Please visit the nearest CLab Diagnostics with your patient number and our staff will provide you with your reports.(this is available only for lab reports)

How Can I View My Report Online?
  1. Go to reports page
  2. Pick server 1 or server 2
  3. Enter your patient no and case no.
  4. View all the reports.
Who Should I Contact Regarding Reports Related Issues?

Please contact our customer service department by calling on our Customer Service Number +92(0304)111 2080