The Hematology Division at CLab Diagnostics PVTLTD is very exceptional with brilliant computerized Analysers and gear. The segment of Hematology gives an expansive scope of administrations for the determination and treatment of blood issues. The division has amazing frameworks to analyze a few blood inadequacies, pallor, leukaemia and coagulating anomalies/hemoglobinopathies. Thorough tests for the recognizable proof of draining issues and a wide range of hypercoagulability problems are additionally advertised. We incorporate exceptionally talented Doctors, MPhil technologists and particular specialists and solid mechanization to give appropriate and exact outcomes to the patients inside a brief timeframe while keeping a serious level of value control.

Special Hematology

The special haematology service provides a comprehensive investigation of haemolytic anaemia, haemoglobinopathies and red cell enzymopathy.